Companies supporting the awards will benefit from a highly cost-effective and targeted form of promotion and visibility, prior to, during and after the event, ensuring that their organisation’s kudos is raised through their headlining of this event.

The awards will reflect each sponsor’s particular focus and will demonstrate their company’s association with business success and innovation.

The package consists of the following elements:

To benefit from this fully-integrated package of promotion, or should you wish to discuss any of the above, please contact:

Mike Gammon
01622 699142

Profile prior to the Awards

COMPANY LOGO – Your company logo will be featured on all pre-event promotional items, including:

  • The event prospectus
  • The event website
  • The event advertisements
  • The ‘call for nominations’ and entry forms
  • The voting forms
  • All table sales promo
  • The ticket invitations

WEBSITE COVERAGE – Your company logo will be featured heavily on the dedicated awards website. A 60-word company profile will also feature on the ‘Sponsors Page’ of the site, with a reciprocal hot-link to your own company website.

PR – All sponsors will benefit from pre-event publicity in each of the awards news releases

The awards will reflect each sponsor’s particular focus and will demonstrate their company’s association with business success and innovation.

At the event

CHAMPAGNE RECEPTION – Network with electrical industry professionals, in this relaxed, pre-dinner drinks reception. Champagne and canapés will be served.

ONE TABLE OF TEN AT THE AWARDS DINNER (APPLICABLE FOR CATEGORY SPONSORS ONLY) – This will be provided for you and your guests to enjoy the culmination of this awards programme and will include the Champagne drinks receptions, a superb 4-course meal with fine wine, the awards ceremony itself and some excellent after-dinner entertainment. Additional tables will be available for sponsors to entertain their key clients at a heavily discounted rate.

AUDIO-VISUAL PRESENTATION – A dramatic stage set has been designed, employing the latest video effects and theatrical lighting. To create maximum exposure for your company, your logo will appear:

– As a fixed graphic on the awards stage-set

– As part of an energetic, digitally produced opening sequence, cut to music, with selected product shots included

– As part of a rolling sequence projecting a mix of sponsor logos and digitally produced images, throughout the dinner

PRESENTATION OF THE AWARD – A representative from your company will be invited to present the award to the category winner. Your company logo will appear on large dual video screens during the presentation, and photographs will be taken of you with the eventual winner, for use in the post-show PR.

AWARD TROPHY AND CERTIFICATES – The trophy will be engraved with your company’s name.

AWARDS BROCHURE – Your company logo will be featured alongside your company profile within the awards brochure. A small company advertisement containing full contact details will also be featured in a prominent position. This will be presented to all attendees at the dinner and will be distributed to the wider industry press, post-show, along with full information regarding the winners.

After the event

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY – Photos of your company representative presenting the award to your category winner will be provided electronically. This photography will also be distributed to the winners for their own promo purposes, to all media partners for post-show publicity and will be used in future awards publicity.

POST AWARDS PR – Your sponsorship will be publicised in the post-awards news releases, giving details of the evenings proceedings and the winners.

AWARDS WEBSITE – Your company logo and profile will remain on the awards website until the process begins again for the 2018 event, with traffic being drawn to site predominantly via our media partners and the award winners. Photography of your award presentation will also be housed on the site for a 12-month period.